ATE Instruments for TERADYNE™ and ADVANTEST™ platforms

For higher Test Density and reduced Cost of Test

Challenged by the power requirements of high parallel testing? Limited in your abilities to test multi-gigabit SerDes applications at full speed? Need instruments unique to your own products? Salland Engineering recognizes that there are multiple alternatives for solving most challenges in test. No single solution fits all. We are committed to providing the best in hardware upgrades and applications services.

We have a long history of developing high quality instruments that may be used to upgrade the capabilities of your testers. Today, we have several lines of instruments focused on the challenges of power density and multi-gigabit testing:

Tailor-made for the ADVANTEST™ platform



The ATX7006A platform

A modular and fully integrated Data Converter Test Solution

The ATX7006A is a fully integrated solution for testing ADCs, DACs and other Analog functions. It combines very high accuracy, low noise and fast sampling with an exceptional ease of use. Traditionally data converters are tested using a whole stack of bench instruments, filters, switch matrices and user made software. Many engineering hours are needed to get reliable results. The ATX7006A is a single instrument for all your data converter testing and test methods. Read more...


The PA72 platform

A flexible analog signal generation and capture platform.

 The PA72 platform is a platform of flexibility. It consists of a base board and one or two daughter boards. In daughter boards there is choice from several different generators, digitizers, filters, and Flexible Digital I/O modules. Also custom daughter boards can easily be created. This allows you to configure a data acquisition card exactly tailored to your needs. The PA72 concept provides a flexible and cost effective solution for medium and high end analog functions. Read more...


PXI Power Supplies

Affordable high performance power supplies for the PXI platform.

PXI is an abbreviation for PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation. It is based on the PCI architecture, a commonly-used standard in personal computers, with an industrial connector. A second connector adds instrumentation-specific signals to the backplane, like clock and trigger signals. Applicos is providing PXI modules that intend to close a gap in the portfolio of the big players such as National Instruments, Keysight, ADlink and others. We focus on special functions and above average performance. Also in PXI the Applicos culture yields excellence on noise, accuracy and other analog properties.


Post-Silicon validation & DFT engineering Tools

A digital IO instrument with flexible timing, based on PXIe form factor and ATE instrument quality.

SE-DPin is platform independent and has a scalable architecture for post-silicon validation & DFT engineering. It is based on ElevATE’s Mystery ASIC, providing the capacity for high-density digital chip testing in any test environment.



DTX Platform

A complete DC & digital Bench-Test Setup to characterize your ASIC.

The DTX platform is highly flexible to configure your required setup in any preferred PXIe chassis. It offers both DC (power supplies) and digital testing options to quickly and easy bring-up your new silicon.




The best tool for product and test engineers.

Our new data analysis software DPlus has been built for (product) engineers with the latest and newest software technologies. It features a modern and intuitive, context-driven user interface and the predefined building blocks help you quickly understand complex data analysis.