Add more utility power supplies to your Advantest V93000

The Salland Engineering SE-UDPS extends the usefulness of your current fleet of V93000's for all Smart Scale Test Heads: L-Class, S-Class, C-Class and A-Class. You can also minimize the need to add external power supplies on your load boards.

Load boards for applications like mixed signal, analog and RF require active components. To drive these active components multiple utility power supplies are needed. The SE-UDPS from Salland Engineering is an economical way of adding more utility power supplies to your Advantest V93000 to drive op-amps, buffers, relays and switches.

Any DPS slot can be used to install the SE-UDPS board and the SE-UDPS can be mixed with any other device power supply in the test head. The maximum number of boards allowed is 2 for compact, 4 for small and 8 for large test heads.

  • Outputs are filtered to reduce noise
  • Kelvin connections for each power line (DPS channel)
  • Reuse existing GP-DPS/MS-DPS pogo cable
  • Default power up sequence is: +5 V, +12 V, +15 V, -15 V
  • On/Off detection when DUT board is removed
  • Support of continuous short circuit/ over-current protection
  • No software control

Advantest also sells and supports SE-UDPS under the product number E7002US.

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