Add more utility power supplies to your Advantest™ V93k

Load boards for applications like mixed signal, analog and RF require active components. To drive these active components multiple utility power supplies are needed. The SE-UDPS from Salland Engineering is an economical way of adding more utility power supplies to your Advantest™ V93K to drive op-amps, buffers, relays and switches. The SE-UDPS extends the usefulness of your current fleet of V93Ks. You can also minimize the need to add external power supplies on your load boards.
4 channels per board
up to 8 boards per test head
± 2 % accuracy
3 A max. current

Performance Characteristics

Any DPS slot can be used to install the SE-UDPS board and the SE-UDPS can be mixed with any other device power supply in the test head. The maximum number of boards allowed is 2 for compact, 4 for small and 8 for large test heads.

  • Outputs are filtered to reduce noise
  • Kelvin connections for each power line (DPS channel)
  • Reuse existing GP-DPS/Koa pogo cable
  • Default power up sequence is: +5 V, +12 V, +15 V, -15 V
  • On/Off detection when DUT board is removed
  • Support of continuous short circuit/ over-current protection
  • No software control
Advantest™ also sells and supports SE-UDPS under the product number E7002US.

Key Features

  • Extends capabilities of your existing fleet of V93K testers
  • Power supply for additional electronics on the load board like: op-amps, buffers, relays, switches, etc.
  • Support available from Advantest™
  • Mix with any other DPS