Economical way to add Analog Channels to your Teradyne™ FLEX

HDACTO is targeted to markets that require a large number of analog channels. Salland has developed HDACTO to be pin compatible with Teradyne™ BBAC while delivering much higher channel density.

HDACTO is certified under Teradyne’s OpenFLEX™ program and is fully compatible with FLEX™ testers at both the hardware and software levels. Since no multiplexing relays are needed, the complexity of your device interface boards (DIB) will be reduced, saving you additional money. HDACTO's modular design makes it a highly scalable solution. The result is lower cost of test on your existing fleet of testers.
up to 64 source channels


up to 64 capture channels


up to 72 PPMU channels
255 different configurations

HDACTO's Modular Design

There are eight module slots on the HDACTO motherboard. Each slot can be equipped with a capture or source module. You can get up to 32 differential channels or 64 single-ended channels per HDACTO motherboard. Various combination of capture and source modules are possible to meet your test setup requirements.

Capture Module

There are 4 independent waveform digitizers each with buffered outputs. This enables the user to have 4 differential channels or 8 single-ended channels (4 at the same time) per module. Capture module specs are:

  • 18 bit capture resolution
  • 1 kSps to 2 MSps sample rate
  • 1.1 MHz capture bandwidth
  • >99 dB SNR @ f-in =1 kHz
  • -136 dBfs/Hz @ 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Source Module

There are 2 independent waveform generators. This enables the user to have 4 differential channels or 8 single-ended channels per module. Source module specs are:

  • 16 bit source resolution
  • DC to 2 Msps update rate
  • 500 kHz output bandwidth
  • 132 dBfs/Hz @ 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Targeted Applications

HDACTO is ideal for the following applications:

  • Baseband Audio (Class D audio subsystems, PC Audio, microphone, low end mixer, MP3, headphones, cell phone audio, 5.1/6.1/7.1 surround sound)
  • MEMS and Sensors (Tire pressure sensors, Automotive sensors, airbag sensors, gas detection, IoT)
  • Telecom (SLIC, SLAC, Codecs)
  • Optical Data Device
  • Converters (12 to15 bit ADC/DAC in microcontrollers, Industrial Converters, ADC/DAC)

Integrated PPMU feature

If a module is not used in capture and/or source mode, you have 9 PPMU channels available. With a fully equipped HDACTO board you will get 72 PPMU channels in total.

HDACTO Source Module Diagram

HDACTO Capture Module Diagram

Key Features

  • Add up to 64 source or capture channels
  • Add up to 72 PPMU channels
  • Integrated with IG-XL™ software
  • Compatible with G4 background DSP
  • Certified under OpenFLEX™
  • Low cost alternative for expanding FLEX™ throughput