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Working at Salland Engineering gives you the opportunity to work in a high-tech and inspiring environment where own initiative is rewarded. It also means that you will work with the world’s largest electronics manufacturers.

We are an open organization where all employees have plenty of room to contribute ideas and get the space to solve problems adequately. Having fun together also plays an important role to exceed our customers’ expectations. We believe in solid solutions and together we can achieve great results. Our friendly, informal, and family-like engineering company offers you the environment to follow your passion.

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Software Engineer

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PCB Engineer

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FPGA / Firmware Engineer

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One of our core values is investing in people’s talent. Because of that we find it very important to work with students, being the new generation innovators and engineers. We believe in exchanging knowledge and innovative ideas to come to groundbreaking, technological solutions to meet the future demand of our customers. Therefore, working in close collaboration with universities and students is very important to us.

We offer various graduate internship projects in different fields of interests in a high-tech and inspiring environment. Are you a bachelor or master student electrical engineering and looking for a graduate internship? Then we would love to hear from you.


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Jos Tran

Director Finance/HRM

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Send your resumé and motivation to or if you have any further questions, call Jos.