• Pilot Line & Characterization

Keeping up with product launches...

We know that introducing new products to the market is a challenge. Characterization and testing pre-production wafers and devices can be rather difficult and can threaten critical success factors for product launches. However, our own characterization & Pilot line testing capabilities can offer the perfect solution! 

Managed by our very own engineers at our headquarters in the Netherlands our Pilot line enables our responsiveness and ability to deliver fully debugged solutions including running pilot production to help our customers rapidly introduce new products. Our available test services offer mature test solutions, with the ability to deliver fast customer samples and run qualification before being transferred to test houses in the Far East. This means that Salland Engineering can offer critical time-to-market and time-to-volume solutions. 

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Our Pilot line testing capabilities include:

  • Teradyne FLEX RF
  • Teradyne uFLEX with DC90 & DC80
  • Teradyne J750 tester with 1024-channel head
  • TSK UF200 prober with 6 & 8 inch hot chuck: 20C (room temperature) to +150C
  • Thermostreamer FTS-XE753 range: -70C to +220C
  • Exatron 903 Handler System: -50C to  +150C

Making use of our partners, we have immediate access to a wide variety of additional test equipment but most importantly, Salland's engineers are experts in the field and are fully trained to support and operate test equipment, such as: 

  • LTXC-D10 & -MX
  • Verigy 93K
  • SPEA C372MX
  • Teradyne Catalyst
  • 12 inch probers 

This equipment can be used at our facilities in Zwolle, Netherlands and can also be accessed remotely for debugging, development and characterization purposes.

Fundamentally, Salland Engineering can offer customers full turn-key solutions, from test program/hardware development, assembly, testing, Q&R investigation and delivery to logistic services. 

There's plenty more to say about out Pilot line and for this, we invite you to contact us directly at sales@salland.com