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    Device manufactures have limitation on how fast they can respond to business opportunities with respect to the resources they have for test. Salland is a trusted partner for our expertise, our in-house equipment, our broad device experience and our software tools.

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We Offer a Broad Range of Services

Salland has been delivering test applications to leading semiconductor manufacturers since 1992. It represents a significant portion of our business attention and is stable and consistently growing. 

Applications Services

We offer the following broad range of services:RF module

  • DFT/DFM consulting
  • Bench development and measurements
  • Test program development and debugging
  • Device characterization
  • IP block characterization and validation
  • Comprehensive data analysis
  • Release/transfer to volume production
  • Test program conversion & optimization
  • Yield improvement analysis & support
  • Outlier elimination planning and deployment
  • Test time optimization analysis and deployment
  • SEDana/perl scripting

And via our partners, quality, reliability and failure analysis.

Load Board/Probe Card Development

We offer schematics entries, layout, manufacturing and testing for:

Equipment types

  • Verigy 93000
  • Teradyne A5xx 
  • Catalyst
  • J750 
  • Flex
  • D10


  • RF 
  • Digital devices 
  • Memory devices (RAM, ROM & Flash)
  • Mixed Signal

On-site Equipment and Simulators

We have our own test equipment including:

  • Teradyne FLEX RF
  • Teradyne uFlex with DC90 & DC80 
  • Teradyne J750 tester with 1024-channel head
  • TSK UF200 prober with 6 & 8 inch hot chuck: 20C (room temperature) to +150C
  • Thermosteamer FTS-XE753 range: -70C to +220C
  • Exatron 903 Handler System: -50C to +150C
  • Measurement Lab equipment for specific RF purpose and more

Read more about our equipment. 

We also handle test simulators for offline coding and debugging for:

  • LTXC-D10 & -MX
  • Verigy 93K
  • SPEA C372MX
  • Teradyne Catalyst

Pilot Line Testing for Wafers and Final Test

With our installed base we can provide:

  • Onsite test setup verification and correlation
  • Test Time Optimization for mass production testing
  • Pilot Lines testing for Wafer sort and Final Test

Device ExperienceRF card 2

Our experience covers a wide range of device types including high speed SerDes, RF designs, analog, mixed signal, micro-controllers and memory technologies.

Read more about our device experience.


By being independent of any tester vendor or test subcontracting service, we have full control with our customers to choose the best suppliers for the job. We believe we offer better IP protection as well. Different than ATE vendors or OSATS, we can assist you on the tuning your products for optimal test times and quality. We also can provide independent assessment of yield and test verification.

We understand the importance of fast turnaround. We have a reputation of responding quickly to production issues and new revisions. We can assist you on failure analysis in a timely manner.

In summary, Salland Engineering is one of the most trusted suppliers of outsourced test expertise in the industry. We enable our customers to use their own internal manpower and equipment resources more efficiently. We bring added expertise to your organization. We are known for being dependable, easy to work with and stable.