• In-house Equipment

    Faster turnaround, fully debugged solutions, less interruption to your production line - our in-house equipment gives you more reasons to depend upon Salland's Test Applications to help you through your next test challenge.

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One important reason Salland is able to be so responsive and able to deliver fully debugged solutions is that we own most of the equipment required to support our Test Applications business. Our inventory includes:

  • Teradyne FLEX RF
  • uFLEX with DC90 & DC80
  • Teradyne J750 tester with 1024-channel head
  • TSK UF200 prober with 8 inch hot chuck
  • Thermostreamer FTS-XE753 with range of -70C to +220C
  • Exatron 900 handler with range of -50C to +150C

Via our partners, we have direct access to a wide variety of additional equipment. Our staff is experienced with the following additional platforms:

  • LTXC-D10 & -MX
  • Verigy/Advantest 93K
  • SPEA C372MX
  • Teradyne Catalyst

In summary, Salland Engineering is one of the most trusted suppliers of outsourced test expertise in the industry. We enable our customers to use their own internal manpower and equipment resources more efficiently. We bring added expertise to your organization. We are known for being dependable, easy to work with and stable.