• Device Experience

    Since 1993, Salland's applications teams have acquired in-depth experience with a wide variety of devices including RF designs, analog, mixed signal, microcontrollers and memory technologies. Our expertise can be a valuable addition to your internal skills.

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Test Applications Device Expertise

Salland's Test Applications teams have acquired in-depth expertise on a wide range of product types including:

High Speed SerDes2X15 DSO module on white

  • 10G, 16G and 25G
  • Electro-optical transceivers
  • FIber channel and optical
  • Ethernet and more

Digitalassortment of electronic memory

  • Memory
  • Microprocessors
  • RFID


  • Components (discrete)small packaged devices

Mixed signal

  • Audio amps
  • Audio codecs
  • Multimedia (cd/dvd/lcd drivers, etc.)
  • Power (controllers, pmu's)small circuit board
  • Automotive general
  • Automotive bus (LIN/CAN HSCAN, etc.)
  • Automotive power
  • Telecom
  • ASICs general
  • Medical ASICs

RFRF design

  • RF transceivers
  • Bluetooth
  • WiMAX
  • Zigbee
  • DECT
  • GSM (1.8/1.9, EDGE)
  • WiFi
  • RF ASICs

We know how to overcome the challenges of complex devices, ultra-low power, wide bandwidths, and impedance matching. We help our customers with high volume production requirements as well as providing assistance to lower test costs

In summary, Salland Engineering is one of the most trusted suppliers of outsourced test expertise in the industry. We enable our customers to use their own internal manpower and equipment resources more efficiently. We bring added expertise to your organization. We are known for being dependable, easy to work with and stable.