• XCell2

    Looking for a cost effective way to extend the capabilities of your ATE? Need greater parallelism for your high volume, cost-sensitive devices? You can easily add additional independent device power supplies or specific Analog and High Speed solutions with Salland's XCell2.

    XCell2 system

Dual Instruments Rack

High volume, cost-sensitive markets like microcontrollers span a wide range of applications from toys and appliances to automobile electronics. Testing microcontrollers can only be done cost effectively when testing multiple devices in parallel at high parallel efficiency. Salland's XCell architecture expands the ATE capability to meet evolving critical test requirements for high parallel efficiency, high power density and high measurement accuracy at both high and low voltages.

XCell2 Key features

  • Versatile, external subsystem to extend Test Cell capabilities.
  • 2 Base slots subsystem including on-board CPU's, AC/DC supply and communication to ATE
  • Integrate an unlimited amount of XCell2 systems to provide maximum flexibility and scalability
  • Standalone calibration and checkers for best and seamless Maintenance

XCell Overview

With 2 configurable slots per system, Salland's XCell2 delivers advantages without sacrificing any of the expectations demanding users have:

  • ATE platform independent
  • No impact on ATE configuration or TOS
  • No loss of any slots in ATE
  • Air-cooled, instrument-in-a-box design
  • Selectable configurations:
    • High Density Power Supply "XDPS" Module adds 64 independent device power supplies
    • Test Setup Qualifier "XTSQ" Module for fully automated measurement of min/max & excessive voltages (spikes)
    • Universal Base Instrument "XUBI" Module for customer specific solutions
    • Analog "XANAlog" Module adds Waveform Generator and Digitizer options

XCell2 Back

XCell2 is equipment independent at both hardware and software level. It's seamless integration has very little/no impact on existing test programs, DIB's/PIB's and probe cards. Our software makes development of multi-site applications fast and painless.