• Compact 4 Lane 30G BERT

    State of the art, low cost 4 lanes 30Gbps Bit Error Rate Tester for complete verification of Transceivers

    HSI-4 X 8.5_30-BERT Module

HSI-4 X 8.5_30-BERT

Product Description

This compact instrument is a low cost BERT with signal generator for jitter tolerance testing, as well as data analysis functions integrated in a single module. Its ultra small footprint means that it can be used for high volume manufacturing as well as comprehensive device characterization. 

General Features

  • 4 Lane Bit Error Rate Tester from 8.5 to 30Gbps
  • Fits in the V93K & Teradyne Catalyst / FLEX / UltraFLEX
  • Direct ATE as well as Fast Ethernet control
  • High performance specifications, e.g.:
    • 19/16ps Rise/Fall Times
    • 400fs RMS jitter, 6ps Deterministic Jitter
    • Output Level max. 1600mVpp differential
    • 25mVpp sensitivity
  • Windows-based Graphical User Interface
  • Bathtub & Eyescan measurements


BERT Bathtub BERT Eyescan


  • Support all PRBS patterns and user pattern
  • Furthermore:
    • Amplitude settings
    • Skew setting
    • RJ injection
    • Phase Modulation Sinus
    • Noise injection
    • Eye scan