• Quadruple 32G DSO

    ATE-friendly, high bandwidth DSO for high volume production testing and lab characterization of 32G SerDes transmitters and receivers.

    HSI-4 X 1_32-DSO Module

HSI-4 X 1_32-DSO

Product Description

Salland's HSI-4 X 1_32-DSO is a low cost, quadruple 32GHz Digital Sampling Oscilloscope optimized for high speed data analysis. Its mechanical footprint fits in an UltraFLEX or V93k stiffener, making it ideal for high volume productions testing. It also has all features required for full device characterization. It automatically performs accurate eye-diagram analysis to characterize the quality of transmitters and receivers. A statistical under-sampling technique is used with comprehensive software libraries for eye measurements, jitter analysis and processing of NRZ data.

General Features

  • ATE friendly interfaceUltraFlex Stiffener with DSO Modules
    • Ultra compact form-factor enables high density testing
    • Low power consumption
    • Control multiple modules through ATE's Fast Ethernet or parallel bus
    • High throughput APIs for Linux and libraries for specific ATEs 
    • APIs for LabView 
  • Windows-based Graphical User Interface
  • Repeatable performance and correlation to standards
  • Single-ended and differential electrical inputs
  • Data acquisition mode
    • Supports smart post processing on multiple acquisitions
    • Able to save data files for multiple DSOs working simultaneously
    • Data may be analyzed or loaded into simulator

DSO Measurements

DSO Eye Measurement

  • Eye opening, eye height and width
  • Color graded persistence in eye and pattern capture modes
  • Amplitude, top, base, max, min, peak-peak
  • Rise/ fall time, single edge measurement in pattern capture
  • Crossing percentage
  • Pre-emphasis positive and negative (amplitude and width)
  • Total edge jitter and jitter analysis (deterministic and random)
  • Advanced pattern measurements 
  • Zooming, markers, X and Y histograms, overlays and multiple statistics
  • Advanced mask margin capabilities
    • Mask margin and alternate mask margin rules available
    • Mask margin (positive or negative) can be extracted
    • Enables DUT quality assessment, control and binning
    • Returns number of failed points and values for a region