• High Speed Interface Solutions for Testing Multi-Gigabit SerDes Devices in High Volume

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Testing to the Limits

Your Challenge

Bandwidth requirements for today's serial communications continue10G trunking cable to increase. The challenges of testing SerDes devices that operate at 10G, 16G and 32G are compounded by the fact that test instruments must be located in close proximity to the DUT. Advanced functionality is also required to verify the many different standards that are defined. Most automatic test equipment (ATE) currently installed cannot support the speeds and functions required during high volume testing.

Our Strength

HSI SerDes application1 smallSalland offers a comprehensive line of solutions for characterizing and volume testing of high speed SerDes devices. Our solutions help users reduce the cost of test and expedite the release to manufacturing for such demanding applications. In addition to offering a line of high performance instruments with ultra-small footprints, Salland offers complete integration with most popular ATEs. This integration includes software to interface the add-on instruments to the ATE and adaptor hardware to simplify probe card and load board designs. We also deliver this integration expertise via our Test Applications services.

Currently available High Speed Interface SerDes instruments are listed below: