• Customize Your Testers to Meet Your Requirements

    Do you need additional capabilities for your existing fleet of testers and can't wait for the next generation platform from your ATE vendor? Perhaps more channels, higher or lower current and voltage ranges, or higher accuracy?

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Two Decades of Experience

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Salland has been developing custom instruments that extend the capabilities and lifetime of testers since the early 1990's. Our customers are leading ATE vendors as well as chip manufacturers with large ATE investments. We have the experience and willingness to do the same for your special testing needs. 

We originally developed CPU replacement boards and network interface modules enabling customers to use a "modern PC" to control their testers. In 1998 we began developing high density instruments in response to specific customer requests. Typically, these customers were looking for ways to expand the parallel testing capabilities of their existing fleets.

In 2004, it became apparent that many customers needed incremental improvements in the capabilities and throughput of their mainstream testers and couldn't wait for new generation testers from the commercial vendors. Increasing requirements for massive parallelism meant high channel counts were needed. With this came the need for higher power density as well. As higher power was delivered, the need for lower IDDQ measurement capability became prevalent. We observed that many times, there were multiple customers in specific markets that needed the same upgrades. This led to our introduction of standard upgrade modules for specific brands of ATE.

Salland will Develop what you Need

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Today, Salland is able to develop high quality instrument upgrades in less than 18 months. We have acquired a high level of expertise in high density designs. We are knowledgeable of the software and hardware interface requirements of the commercial testers. We deliver solutions to chip manufacturers who use internally developed, proprietary systems as well. We are also known for providing our customers with a high level of responsiveness and support during the development process.

We encourage you to talk to us about your custom requirements. Contact Us.