• IDPS750™

    Add up to 256 independent device power supply channels to your existing  testers. A cost effective solution to expanding the capabilities of your fleet of testers and thereby reducing your cost of test.

    IDPS750 system

Integrated Device Power Supply

Salland Engineering's Integrated Device Power Supply (IDPS) can expand your existing ATE with up to 256 independent DPS channels to enable real parallel testing. It offers Forced Voltage (FV) and Measure Current (MI) (including clamping control) that can be used for continuity tests, parametric IDD and IDDQ measurements or simply for powering devices under test.

The IDPS750 instrument is targeted to reduce test costs for a wide range of applications including smart cards, memory, microprocessors, FPGA's and DFT-driven test applications. Its design makes it useful in applications where many resources are required, or were the original ATE supplies do not meet your required specifications.

IDPS750 16 Channel Module

The IDPS750 module delivers 16 channels. Each channel on the board has its own current measurement circuit and range selection. Current clamping is programmable for the 16 channels as a group. Each board also contains its own reference voltage for the 16 channels. 
 IDPS DPS board

DPS System

The system consists of a 19-inch mainframe containing the system power supplies, control interface and DPS board modules. The IDPS750 will be connected to the device interface board (DIB) with special cables. A control interface takes care of the communications between the tester and the IDPS750 unit. This gives control capabilities for current clamping, current measurement circuits, voltage references, calibration factors, limit value setting and relay switching. All settings can be controlled from the normal tester environment. The system comes with its own calibration and diagnostics software to ensure functionality and accuracy.


Salland can adapt the IDPS750 system to virtually any customer specification without major investments because of the modular implementation. Interested parties are encouraged to contact us in case the specifications do not exactly meet your requirements.

Strong Track Record for Quality and Support

The IDPS750 builds upon Salland's history of providing high quality instruments. Salland is respected by demanding semiconductor manufacturers, OSATs, and ATE vendors for delivering outstanding instruments that are fully compatible with leading ATE platforms. The IDPS750 is supported by Salland Engineering on a worldwide basis.