Our High Density Parametric Measurement Unit adds up to 192 additional PMUs to your FLEX testers.

    HDPMU 425w

High Density Parametric Measurement Unit

Maximize Parallel Testing

Today, many manufacturers are reducing cost of test by maximizing multi-site and multi-pin testing. Effective parallelism frequently is impossible due to limitation of the original tester platform.

Salland's High Density Parametric Measurement Unit (HDPMU) is a cost effective alternative for extending the number of DC sources on your existing fleet of FLEX testers. It is certified under Teradyne's' OpenFLEX program and is fully compatible with FLEX and uFLEX hardware and IGXL software.

The HDPMU, with its high parallelism, full integration, easy set-up and parallel measurement capabilities is ideal for high volume applications requiring many DC sources like FPGAs, baseband processors and power management devices.

Instrument Capabilities

The HDPMU consists of 3 PMU modules with 64 channels each and one expansion port. All PMU's can be used independently or in groups. 192 non-Kelvin, or 96 Kelvin channels are available. Up to 4 channels may be connected in parallel to increase the current capability.

HDPMU Module 

Each PMU is capable of parametric or Go/NoGo testing. To increase the accuracy ''focused calibration'' is included.

Future Expansion

The main board has room and connections available for an extension module. The optional extension-module is directly connected to the 192 DIB Force lines and ground lines and can be used for any future options.

Fast Programming

The HDPMU board has special features to speed up programming. It has built-in, transparent functions to minimize the software interaction and I/O bus transfers. All of these functions contribute to reducing the setup and measurement times of the HDPMU board. Most functions are hidden from the application programmer and will be automatically utilized. Test setups for all 192 PMUs can be defined upfront and loaded into the HDPMU board memory at the beginning of the test lot. During subsequent testing only a minimal portion of a stored setup is required to load the full setup for all 192 PMUs.