• Instruments for High Power and Multi-Gigabit Speed

    Challenged by the power requirements of high parallel testing? Limited in your abilities to test multi-gigabit SerDes applications at full speed? Need instruments unique to your own products?

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Testing to the Limits

Salland has a long history of developing high quality instruments that may be used to upgrade the capabilities of your testers. Today, we have several lines of instruments focused on the challenges of power density and multi-gigabit testing .

XCell - Test Cell eXtension Solutions

Our latest innovative solution is XCell which enables you to meet the power demands for increased parallel testing. The XCell Architecture is an ATE equipment independent solution to expand your testing capabilities and meet evolving critical test requirements for high parallel efficiency, high power density and high measurement accuracy.

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Salland also offers a comprehensive line of solutions to address the unique requirements of characterizing and volume testing high speed SerDes devices. Our solutions help users reduce the cost of test and expedite the release to manufacturing for such demanding applications.


 Eyescan signals