• Salland Personalities

Jasper Worst

Sales Engineer, Worldwide Sales & Marketing

I am an international explorer. I enjoy supporting our worldwide sales organization and I enjoy international vacationing for similar reasons – you get to learn about other people and cultures.

Cuba is one of the most interesting places my wife and I have vacationed to. It is very beautiful and people seem to be pretty happy. I think my friends in the United States will enjoy traveling there when it become more open.

I have been with Salland for a long time and am excited about our commitment in 2011 to becoming a larger company. Currently I work in headquarters supporting our worldwide sales organization of approximately 15 people.

This position has allowed me to expand my application engineering experience to commercial issues. I enjoy the interaction with our customers. I enjoy the fact that I need to interface with many parts of our organization to keep things moving. Sales support can be fast-paced and that is good.

I have two boys under four years old. I enjoy my time with them immensely. In addition to traditional Dutch food like "zuurkool," I like spicy foods like Thai and Indian dishes.

While I enjoy to listening to Trance/Progressive music, I don't have a lot of time for hobbies outside of enjoying my family. I do like going to this huge trance party called "Sensation by ID&T" once a year in Amsterdam http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensation_(event).

The current growth within Salland is exciting and shows me that I have a lot to learn yet. I have been inspired by Paul and Stefano. Furthermore, I like to be in control of things, which is not always easy in this job. That is why I try to keep things organized and well structured. Some people would say that I am having a hard time to let things go and unfold as they are. I keep trying to be more relaxed with this kind of things. Fortunately, I have great colleagues who inspire me to keep learning new ways of thinking and working.